Meet Janae

I’m so happy you’re here! I have spent a lifetime walking to this point where I can use my experience, education, connections, and passion. I have loved my decision to be a mother while juggling community passion projects, business, and continuing education to enrich my life. I am regularly asked, “How do you do it all?” and the truth is that I don’t! I have a team of loving and supportive people surrounding me, especially my family. 

After mothering six daughters and one son, I returned to school and completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Leadership and a Master’s in Sport and Performance Psychology. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Arizona.  I chose this field because I saw the extreme benefits of hiring a performance psychologist in my own company. My education has been worth the investment because I now apply the lessons in my community work, business, and home. I love sharing these same life-changing principles with others!