Hi, I’m Janae.

Welcome to the journey of growth and empowerment! As a passionate seeker of human potential and a performance psychology and neuroscience doctoral student, I’m here to guide you on a transformative journey. Together, we will unlock the power within you, leveraging both scientific understanding and holistic principles to propel you towards your highest aspirations. Inspired by cutting-edge research, my role is to draw out the inner knowledge already inside you. Through this collaborative process, we’ll cultivate resilience, focus, and vitality, empowering you to thrive in every aspect of your life. Welcome to the adventure of neural excellence!

Transformative Executive Coach

I teach people to maximize their strengths, integrate ideas into actions, and enjoy success through intentional, intuitive living.

Private Executive Coaching for Women

Your customized program is designed to honor your unique leadership, business, and personal goals. We begin our time together with a soul-searching coaching session, establishing a solid groundwork for your transformative journey. My greatest dream is to help you recognize your inner voice and walk alongside you as you gain revelations and insights that pave the way for enduring transformation.

SHE/E/O: Group Coaching for Women

She/e/o is an innovative online women’s coaching program rooted in performance psychology, cultivating self-expression, confidence, and joy. Tailored for high-achieving women, She/e/o seamlessly blends education, coaching, and practical skills to establish a robust foundation for holistic growth and success, honoring well-being. Guided by principles of connection and education. She/e/o empowers authentic self-discovery and achievement. (Coming January 2024!)

The Book Store

Curriculum for parents, curriculum for organizations who work with parents, books for children, and more! To find out more information about these resources, email janaegmoss@gmail.com


Group Coaching for Parent Leaders

This coaching group supports parents in recognizing and developing their voices and learning to share them to make change in their communities. As parents learn to be more confident and trust their inner wisdom, they will enjoy parenting and lead as an example in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities. (Coming January 2024!)

Group Coaching for Organizations

Organizations that work with parents in the community are much more effective when they work together. If you understand the importance of working alongside the parents you serve but have more questions than answers, this group coaching program is for you. Humans Driving Change is the NGO I started to support this work. 

Chakra Immersion in Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the loving energy of Costa Rica as you journey home to your roots. Chakra by chakra, experience the power of inner work through yoga, somatic activities, and the healing that happens through light-hearted fun as we adventure through the alive Costa Rican jungle!

What People are Saying

Janae helped me to make sense of my thoughts and assemble projects that made a massive difference in my company. I recommend her services to anyone looking to reset their mindset and make impactful changes.

Kinley Zumwalt

Owner, Kinley's Lane

Some Words from the Blog

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”  Anais Nin

Four One Twenty-Two

Four One Twenty-Two

Happy April Fools Day! I wish I had a great joke to tell, but the joke is how long it has taken to start writing again. I've spent so much time writing research papers for school that it uses up my creativity for recording/blogging for myself. The benefit of being...



Today I finally got up the guts to take my Inherited Retinal Degeneration or (IRD) DNA test. It wasn't like the test in my master's classes, pushing me to study for endless hours and lose sleep. Instead, it was simple, almost too simple. It seems weird that I can rub...

HDC Has a Home

HDC Has a Home

Do I exist if I don't write? A part of me comes out through words that I can't express in any other way. I don't typically speak like I write, much to my dismay. I would never say dismay when I speak. Why is that? I have felt hushed over the past few weeks since I...