Each time I became a mother to a daughter, through kinship care, step-parenting, and childbirth, I fell in love with each of my girls but wondered why I wouldn’t have the chance to raise both genders. I questioned how any human could adequately raise SEVEN daughters, including their emotions, catfights, and clothing wars. After all, when I was a child, I begged the heavens above to only send me boys.

I have always known that my organized chaos, as a “girl mom,” would be meaningful to someone, if nothing else, then to learn how “not to do what Janae did.”

I want to share the lessons I’ve learned about raising strong and joyful daughters. It’s important for me our experience together will be FUN(NY) and MEANINGFUL. I want this information to feel JOYFUL and OPTIMISTIC. I am sure that together, we will shed a tear or two, from LAUGHTER and EMOTION.

Welcome to my crazy-cross-eyed-daughter-raising world!