Executive Coaching for Women

Welcome to Janae Moss’s exclusive Performance Coaching program. You’ll get the support, tools, and encouragement you need to create the joy-filled life you are designed for.

Personalized Journey

Your customized program is designed to honor your unique leadership, business, and personal goals. We begin our time together with a soul-searching coaching session, establishing a solid groundwork for your transformative journey. My greatest dream is to help you recognize your inner voice and walk alongside you as you gain revelations and insights that pave the way for enduring transformation.

Private Coaching Platform

With your program, you gain complete access to an immersive coaching experience via a smartphone application filled with content specifically selected for your journey. This user-friendly app provides a private chat option if you have any questions or thoughts about our time together. I will also use this platform to send you information that reinforces the breakthroughs you have during your session.

Soul & Strategy Session

We embark on our journey by delving into your strengths using the Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment. Using this as a baseline to understand your personality, we dive deeper into your story, dreams, and challenges you face to achieve your definition of success. Following this, you’ll be able to fill out some forms that will help us craft your individualized roadmap. Our four-hour retreat will lay the groundwork for shaping the life you want, overcoming obstacles, and experiencing clarity, strength, and joy.

Personal Transformation

After we lay the groundwork for lasting transformation, we will journey into the exciting science of performance psychology, intuition, and self-love. This phase will empower you with the wisdom to view “challenges” from a fresh perspective, fostering a heightened sense of serenity and peace. You will trust your inner voice, leading to a life of greater peace and love. 

Leadership Impact

During this stage, we will begin focusing on developing your natural leadership qualities and applying them to your goals. You will feel more confident listening to and following your individualized plan because you will have laid a groundwork that allows you to trust your inner wisdom to steer your course. You will naturally begin leading others because you feel confident and comfortable in your skin. 


6 Month V.I.P. Executive Coaching Package Includes:

Soul and Strategy Intensive Session

Four one-hour coaching sessions a month (24 Sessions)

$500.00 per session / $12,000 total