Private skill-set and Mindset Coaching with Janae and Camille

Are you prepared to invest in yourself over constantly prioritizing others? We understand, and we are here to join you through the process!

Embark on a personalized journey with Janae and Camille through private coaching—an experience designed to provide focus and clarity regarding your desires and goals in your personal life and business endeavors. All the answers you seek reside within you, and it is our job to guide you toward your self-defined definition of success!

Right from the outset, we’ll engage with you in an immersive day-long session, sharing enlightening insights and gaining a clear understanding of your objectives. This journey includes several personality assessments, allowing us to chart a course for a dynamic transformational experience spanning ten weeks.

Online Group Coaching for Women

Presenting She/e/o: An innovative online women’s coaching program rooted in performance psychology, cultivating self-expression, confidence, and joy. Tailored for high-achieving women, She/e/o seamlessly blends education, coaching, and practical skills to establish a robust foundation for holistic growth and success, honoring well-being. guided by principles of connection and education. She/e/o empowers authentic self-discovery and achievement.


As sisters, we share similar desires for the women we work with to treat each of our clients with a customized experience that is transformative, fun, and worth your time.

We brought our backgrounds together to offer double the expertise in half the time. We have carefully crafted four coaching packages to meet the needs of women committed to honoring the value of their business and life balance. Have you ever heard the saying that you are most like the five closest people to you? We believe that theory and our goal is to gather women with whom you will be excited and honored to rub shoulders. None of us is perfect, but together, we are pretty great!

In the women’s group and private coaching, we will follow the SIGHT program outlined in Janae’s book, using principles from sport and performance psychology to use in our daily lives.



Janae is the co-owner of multiple businesses, a family advocate, and a community organizer. Janae is a peak performance consultant passionate about developing leaders who impact their families, businesses, and communities. She is a self-proclaimed ‘Social Entrepreneur’ who is actively involved in community building, whether it be supporting the growth of her 7-figure businesses, serving on NGO boards, or writing curricula and books to support parents and organizations to work together more effectively. Her drive to study Sports and Performance Psychology was to bring the same mental skills training that athletes have to women, parents, and business leaders.


For over the past decade, Camille has built online businesses through podcasts, digital products, online programs, and websites and has coached corporate and small businesses. She has amassed over 500,000 followers across social media platforms and rigorously studies changes in the digital marketplace. All of this has been done while raising four children at home. It is now her passion to help other women create a well-balanced life with a customized strategy using effective productivity tools. With this experience, she now connects women from across the country to build teams for their companies and create space for a fulfilling life.

Kinley Zumwalt

“Camille and Janae know how to get to the heart of what you want to work on and guide you through the challenging times we all face in business.”

Brighton Bridges

” I had such a fun time working with Janae and Camille! They made our time together fun and energizing!”

Whitney Rojas

“It is hard to find people who understand business and juggle the pressures with the reality of running a household. I am grateful to have two mentors that I love talking to.”