Meet Janae

I love to inspire everyday leaders to think outside the job descriptions in their careers, communities, and at home, to leverage individual strengths, and become actively engaged in their lives. It is easy for me to notice strengths in others, and I love to share what I see.

My Mom Goes to College

After mothering six daughters and one son, I decided to go back to school and complete my Bachelor’s degree. When I finished, I began my Master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology because after watching Dr. Craig Manning coach our business teams, I knew I could apply the same lessons in my community work, in my family business, and in my own home.

Humans Driving Change

When I was a young mother, I needed help with food after we lost our landscaping business. Asking for help was hard, but it gave me experience that changed who I am and how I view my community and giving back.

One day, my next-door neighbor and partner in HDC, Barbara Leavitt, encouraged me to serve at United Way. Over time, I saw a gap in what parents said they needed, and what community organizations provide. It wasn’t long before Barbara asked me to help her build Help Me Grow, an organization that helps parents know about community resources. I jumped on board! She gave me the title, “Parent Champion”, and I began learning about Parent Leadership.

One day I was talking to a friend about bridging the communication gap between parents and systems, and she said, “If you don’t do it, who else will?” Soon afterward, I started Parent Advocacy Council and eventually, I was asked to develop parent leadership with the state of Utah. This quickly expanded into national work with the Alliance National Parent Partnership Coundcil and Prevention Funds Parent Leadership team.

I rebranded my work from The Parent Advocacy Council to Humans Driving Change, with the intention of showing even more community members what resources are right in our community, and what service opportunities were right in their back yard. United Way of Utah County let me put my logo on their bus and we held many round table “community cafes” using our HDC model.

Janae’s Bio

Janae Moss is a mother of seven, grandmother of four, co-owner of multiple businesses, family advocate, and community organizer. She is the co-founder of Humans Driving Change, an organization that teaches individuals, parents, and community-based organizations how to identify and share their voices and collaboratively work to make a change.

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