Fifteen: I’ve had fifteen years on this crazy planet with my littlest lady, Halle. She’s made me laugh until I couldn’t see through my tears and question whether or not I actually want her to grow all the way up. 

Three: We have only three years left until this little bird will fly out on her own. She’s a determined and independent soul and I could see her flying the coup right away!

Five: The number of times she talks about wanting to get up on the snowy mountain right outside our door. Sundance is her favorite place right now, especially if she gets to pull out her skis for the Sundance ski team she is on.

Two: Halle would NOT rest until I relented and bought myself some roller skates to skate with her. I haven’t been a regular at Classic Skating for a really long time, but nows we pull out our skates and chase each other in circles in our house, over and over again. My 80’s skills shock her sometimes and it makes me feel really RAD.

Ten: The score I’d give Halle for her taste in clothes, home decor, and her ultimate green thumb. She can keep anything alive and creates a place of beauty and zen wherever she goes. She’s getting ready to paint her room soon, so her Christmas and birthday gifts revolved around her new aesthetic. 

Infinity: The number of reasons I am joyful that we chose to have one more baby, whether or not it ended up being a boy or a girl. I really don’t know what I’d do without my “grand finale Halle”, my “H.A.M” and my “snuggle bug”. Time simply travels way too fast and watching the last of my babes climb into their teens has been a bit overwhelming. However, I could never hold this little chick away from the world. She is a gift to all who know her. 

Happy Birthday, Halle! We love you!