This morning I was involved with Provo City School District’s Equity and Diversity Summit. We heard from four amazing presenters, including, Dr. Jackie Thompson (Former Director of Educational Equity for the Davis School District), Loki Mulholland (Executive Director Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation), Jessie Hensley (LGBTQ+ Community Activist in Utah County), and Kamaal S Ahmad (Community Activist).
I was honored to lead the Community Cafe conversation with powerful change-makers, including parents, teachers, and district members. We all learned so much because we took the time to meet and create a safe environment to discuss hard subjects.
Brian Yazzie, the Diversity and Equity Coordinator for the school district, is a strong leader and I feel so grateful to learn from him. There are so many people in our communities who work hard to make our world a better place. I refuse to put all of my faith in humanity by who wins or loses an election. I will not accept the messages shared by media that we are doomed by this or that, day after day.
If you don’t know good people doing good things, message me. You should be around some of them. I’ll introduce you to 5, 10, or 15 who care about the things you care about that affect our families. We are better together, and we learn from our diverse perspectives. Below is a quote that was shared today by Loki Mulholland’s mother, one of the original freedom fighters, and it is one of my new favorites.
I pray that we will all do something in our own sphere of influence to show greater kindness, acceptance, and patience. I pray that we will take the time to engage and speak up. Being involved is not a deficit to your time allotment, it multiplies tenfold in a positive balance, and provides more energy and happiness in everyday life.