SEVENTEEN: The day my mom and dad first wrapped me in a blanket, held me close and dreamt of my future. Now I’m watching my children do the same.

FORTY-FIVE: I do not hide my age because I’ve earned every. single. year. In fact, there are times when I’m surprised to still be alive. ONE Jon has been my someone; my best friend and partner. We’ve shared one life, one heart, and one amazing journey.

SIX: My little women are strong, passionate, hilarious, fiery, loving, devoted, smart and determined — and I love spending time with them more than anything in the world!

THREE: One boy was delivered after a soul-searching prayer, one son-in-law is a wonderful husband to my oldest daughter, and one grandson surprised us on the 4th of July, as the sky exploded with colorful light!

THREE & COUNTING: My grandbabes have shown me the eternal, compounding love of family and I can hardly imagine how many perfect babes I’ll get to play with during the second half of my life!TWOIt’s true, furry animals can claim your heart, and two have stolen mine. One big Berner and one fat bulldog fill our home with laughter, love and bad smells.

TWENTY-SEVEN: Being a natural-bookwormed-student is not one of my talents, but I finally finished the commitment I made to myself this year to graduate! Bonus points for starting my Masters degree (which has already severely humbled me after only a few short weeks)!

TWENTY-TWENTY: My year to watch, pray, grow, transition and reflect. At times, I’ve slowed until there was barely any movement in my soul, and other times, my heart has nearly raced out of my chest.

FOUR-THOUSAND-FOUR-HUNDRED: It took a lot of steps to achieve this change in elevation, but summiting Timpanogos Mountain was a personal highlight!

INFINITY: All of these numbers have written the chapters of my life this year, and I’d read them all again. My path has been filled with soul-rocking adventure, people who fill my space with vibrant energy, and a determination to seek joy while bringing it to others. THANK YOU for my Happy Birthday messages, calls, texts and fb posts! YOU, my friends (and I surround myself with epic friends) make my life FULL and I learn so much from you. Cheers to another trip around the sun!