I have found so many entertaining things to do with my family during the past few months of social distancing. Some activities, like feeding the ducks and fishing, have been around since Sydney was a toddler. We have made countless memories, and I really love the time we have spent together! More than anything, I want the stronger bonds we have experienced, to continue on, long past the time anyone is thinking about Covid-19.

Last weekend, we used a site called Yoodlize for our party time! I have no shame plugging my friends’ businesses, and I think this concept is pretty amazing! Yoodlize is a company that connects renters with people who want to make some extra cash. They have items like Virtual Reality headsets, electric scooters, portable hot tubs, Segues, bouncy house, a portable hot tub or electric scooters! We had so much fun looking through the options, because they even have basic things like tools, clothes, and wedding decor. 

I didn’t really feel like being productive, so we chose to rent an outdoor movie theatre! It is a beautiful time of year to be outside, and I have always wanted to snuggle up and watch a movie while still enjoying the stars. I’ve looked into buying one of these before, but I’ve never taken the plunge, so it was a great option for us. 

Here is one last screen shot of some items for rent on the home page. If you have anymore questions, I can link you up with the owner, or you can find answers to your questions HERE.