Right before the world shut down, I had started to train for the New York City marathon. I have never trained for a marathon, or even for the half marathon that I did several years ago. I just ran a few times then showed up for the big day. I couldn’t even walk for a week or two after, but at least I finished. (My brother, on the other hand, overtrained. He was basically laughing and running circles around me all the way down the Provo Canyon trail.)

These days I find myself more out of shape than I have ever been. I keep planning to change that, but it has been so hard for me. College took out a huge chunk of my time, and of course, I still had my family to care for, and business and community commitments. I believe that we can always make time for what is important to us, but mentally, I haven’t been able to get myself there for way too many years.

Today, after a few weeks of treating this quarantine like an extended holiday, eating whatever I am craving at the moment, eating Top Raman for no apparent reason, and staying up way too late, I finally started my real training! I am ready to work harder so I don’t feel as gross, which also affects my stressed load. I am determined to push myself harder than I have, ever. Even if they shut down the 50th anniversary of the NYC marathon, I want to be ready in the fall to run a marathon somewhere.

I can’t control COVID-19, I can’t control the fallout in our business from this crazy time, but I can control my health.

The challenge isn’t just the running, though. It’s also eating healthy with so much fast food and carb-loaded snacks around all of the time. I am not sure how I will fight against it all yet, but I’ll share my progress here.

In fact, my son-in-law just challenged me last night to do the “75 Hard”! I had heard about it once, but it sounds crazy…well…hard! The commitment is to move for 45 minutes, twice a day, drink a gallon of water every day, read for 10 minutes a day, and follow your predetermined diet with no cheat days. I am going to start today, but I’m actually going to add a goal to write for at least 15 minutes a day.

Will I succeed? I really want to. I need to. I need to fight for my health just like I’d fight to save my life, because ultimately it’s the same thing.

I figure I will come out of this quarantine either crawling or running. I’d rather face whatever is waiting for me on the other side with a body full of energy, a mind of clarity, and a self-esteem where I can feel like my best self.


P.S. I feel so grateful to have my kids and dogs around me as I begin walking, running, and hiking more. If you don’t have a furry friend, maybe you can pick one up from the animal shelter (when it is okay to do that). If you don’t have a kid, well, you can get busy figuring that one out, or you can have one of mine. (Just kidding, kids, calm down). But really, I’d love to hear what goals you have to stay physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Let me know if you want to join me in challenging yourself, and what you plan to work on.