I am so excited to finally announce that we own a new home! After all of the searching in many cities, and praying to be guided to the right neighborhood – we actually finalized our paperwork on a home that is only two doors down from where we have been renting! I never thought that would happen, but it did. Life is like that, you know.

I’ll be sharing my experience of decorating our new home over at MyMommyStyle.com, and HERE is the postI shared tonight. After much contemplation and consideration, I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that Pink Moss is Pink Moss and My Mommy Style is My Mommy Style. They are two different types of blogs. Here I can just brain dump, and over there I’ll share tips about parenting, home decor, diy, and products I’d recommend etc. Both blogs have a different type of audience – and that is just fine.

We are still packing and organizing each drawer, so that when we move in we have nothing but the necessities. Today, Whitney hugged her horse for the last time and sent him to another little girl that will love him just as much as she did… maybe.

Hahaha… she wasn’t really crying, but she sure put on a good show!

We had a great time at girls camp! I was the assistant camp director which was very comfortable for me. After all, I have been the camp director 6 times before this! I felt so happy to be there with three of my daughters! I never knew if that would really happen. It was so sweet to see them hike together and support each other through the activities. 

You just have to watch this darling video of Brighton and some of the other girls singing to the  in the cabin. When I heard them, I couldn’t help but to take a short video. 

And my feet planted in one of their very favorite spots on the planet!

Today I’ve been thinking about how often people judge one another and posted this little rant on my Facebook account after seeing this picture:

‘So often I’ve felt inclined to explain my choices or path that’s led me to my exact chapter in life, at this time. Sometimes, I feel the need to justify my successes or my failures – for one reason or another. As I become older, I’ve learned to own my story and become less concerned with the opinion of others. If we really want to know something, we can ask – and with it would come an answer from the source. Many times, we are in the process of figuring out how we feel about something ourselves – so how could others have any idea? Why would any of us assume or gossip about someone else, anyway? Opinions are only one perspective, seen through each individual’s lens – and seldom consist of much truth or context. Let’s live and let live – appreciating our divine uniqueness and use our precious energy in creating our own story.’

And there you have it. two cents from my brain today. I hope you had a lovely Monday!