It’s 4:13 a.m. and I can’t sleep.

I think my brain has reached critical mass… a tipping point, if you will. There are just too many words inside and I need to brain dump. I continue to work on My Mommy Style, although no matter how much I try and combine my style of writing there, with my style of writing on Pink Moss – it just isn’t the same.

Pink Moss is a jornal – of sorts – for our family life, and My Mommy Style is more “how to” or “tips” or thoughts and ideas about raising all my girls, or (soon) home decor, or the “Summer Learning Series” we are doing with KBYU. I don’t feel like my rambling fits there, it’s too free and not planned. I miss it. It is where my love of blogger began.

Jon is out of town – again, as he has been for much of this month. Neither of us has ever traveled much over the course of our marriage, but that has changed this past year. I’ve traveled for speaking engagements about Strengthening Families, or the National Alliance of Children’s Trust Funds Parent Partnership, or Help Me Grow….. and he has traveled for RBM, our building maintenance company, as we expand it to Las Vegas, Washington and Idaho. As you can see, it’s been a crazy year – not to mention that we’ve been renting for the past year and a half, and everything feels up in the air and unsettled because of not feeling in our own space.

We have offered on a house – actually very close t ours, and we will find out today if they accept the offer. It is a beautiful house, much more beautiful than I ever thought possible. It is perfect – done just enough that it’s amazing, but still quite unfinished and outdated so over time I can put my love into it. Paint, finishes and creativity. If everything goes though, I’ll be sharing that part of my journey over on My Mommy Style, with tips and ideas for decorating. I LOVE decorating, but I haven’t put much time or energy into that part of my life for several years now, as I knew I’d be moving our of our last house, and renting for awhile. There are some things I just couldn’t bare to fix as I’ve lived in our rental – such as the hunting themed room that Kinley is staying in, the maroon carpeted floors (that we changed to wood), dishwasher, toilets and much of the lighting. I know – as waste of money – but our landlord was sure fine with it.

Our kids continue to grow. I’ve been working for about nine months now, and it has changed me and forced me to grow in different ways, again. It has been a good experience for me – and makes me appreciate the years my own mother worked as a school teacher when Camille, my youngest sister, started full day first grade. It is hard – really hard. I’m not even a single parent, and it is crazy hard. Jon is very busy, and much of the “at home” type of parenting falls on my shoulders, as it does in many homes where there is a entrepreneur husband.

It may not look perfect, in fact I’m quite sure that it doesn’t. There are things missed, sloppy schedules, my older kids fill in and help when they need. I believe it helps them be part of our family team, so I don’t mind asking them. If Mom and Dad help with the car etc. they can help with the errands, right? Right.

My littles, Jordan and Halle, are getting so big – you would die! If you are a long time Pink-Moss reader, you would die. Actually, I’m going to share a few pictures of the family and go back to bed. It is 4:30 now, and I plan to hike at 7:00 am. It felt good just to get some letters and sentences out of my head…..


I’ve missed you.

This is the family picture we took last August, at the Lovelands house in Maui. It is the the most recent family picture, although it’s been 9 months since it was taken.

Below is Whitney! She dressed up and did the Napoleon dance at school during lunch one day, just for fun.

Here is a picture of Kinley at Dan’s wedding. Aren’t the girls just cute? I think so.

Here is a picture of Jordan and I – before I chopped my hair off several months ago.

and a picture of ht girls making faces when we were doing a photoshoot for My Mommy Style.

and of course, a picture of Syd and my grand baby, Emma. Isn’t she priceless?! Yes, I thought so too!

Here is a picture of myself and some blogger friends at a Tribalry Mom event! It was a blast, and I can’t wait to do it again in July! (see my hair is chopped 🙂

and below, yes, that is my worst outfit of the year – worn to Walmart one night late, buying stuff for a project for Brighton at school….. gulp.

and below is one of our princesses…. all ready for Junior Prom. This dress is fantastic, don’t you agree?

Okay, one more of Brighton and myself at the Payson Temple open house. Isn’t she all grown up? Ahhhh!!! It’s happening so fast. 

okay, really now – goodnight. It’s 4:54 am. I guess this is the only time I have to blog here! It feels good to be back. Look for other posts on My Mommy Style – where I try and share tips! This is just for well, trying not to go insane.