A long time ago in a far off blog land, I had a personal blog named Pink-Moss.com.

I poured my heart and soul into it, and I loved it. I never had advertisements or giveaways or made money. I never even thought anyone would read it, but they did. A lot of people did. I shared really personal things in my life and learned a lot about who I was. I found my voice. And then after awhile, about five years, I felt like I wasn’t growing anymore. I began to lose interest and started posting less regularly.

And then, Camille had a lovely idea to start a group blog. At first, I felt as though I was cheating on Pink Moss. Like I was leaving an old friend. For a YEAR I felt this way and tried to post on both blogs, but it was way too much. I was becoming more busy in my life, in general, and I couldn’t get the time to post consistently on both. So I began writing less and less…. and I missed it. After awhile, I said goodbye to Pink Moss hoping that I would feel more at home pouring my heart out on MMS. I actually cried when I wrote my last post.

But here’s the thing. I’m a story teller. I am not an amazing cook, like Melissa and I’m not an amazing DIY-er and Sponsored Post-er and whatever else Camille does really well.I’m just me. And that’s okay, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but I sometimes feel out of place, like I should not be telling stories.

I like story telling. I love life and I love talking about it. I love meeting new people and exploring new places. I have so many words in my head, they need to start pouring out in some way and if some of it doesn’t come out through my fingers, it might start leaking out other places – and frankly, that scares me. I may not have the best title for SEO or a beautiful Pinterest image that gets pinned a billion times, but I will keep my sanity. Cause people, I can be crazy – ask my kids.

I began talking about this problem with one of my old Pink Moss reader friends, Kimberly Wyatt, and she suggested merging the two. Why hadn’t I ever thought about that before? As we spoke, I explained how I felt writing on MMS. I told her that my grammar isn’t perfect and that I’m intimidated to write quickly and straight from the heart, as my personal blog had been. After she read what I had to say, she convinced me that the reason she read Pink Moss was because it was so real and simple.

So, instead of giving up on something that I love, I’m going to try and have my Pink Moss home on My Mommy Style! (right on the menu bar) I hope it works well. Honestly, I’m curious to see if my passion for writing will begin to come back, when I can blog like I used to.

So with a little bit of nerves, and a lot of excitement, I officially announce that Pink Moss Blog has returned! Please comment if you have something to say about what I write. This is somewhat of an experiment to see if it’s worth waking up at 5:30 to do. I am busy with my family, new job, non-profit work, and whatever else I find myself doing!

But I have so say, that I already feel a little bit more at home. There isn’t a better way I could share “My Mommy Style” than by sharing like I did on Pink Moss.



(Posted on MyMommyStyle.com today. If you were previously a pink moss reader, I’d love to see you there!)