My fingers feel heavy as I type this last blog post for Pink Moss.

I’ve been back and forth about my decision for over a year now.  If you look at my track record, I’ve only written – maybe – once a month for a year.  I have been spending so much time on, but still wanted to keep this blog separate.  In doing this, I just haven’t written at all, because it’s just too hard to keep up on both.  I feel like I am cheating on Pink Moss when I spend too much time on MMS and feel like I’m cheating MMS when I write good content for Pink Moss.

None of this may make sense to you.  I honestly don’t even feel like I can write as well anymore, because I haven’t been consistently writing my thoughts everyday like I used to on Pink Moss.  I love this blog like I love a friend.  It helped me to find my voice.  It helped develop the person I am today, in so many ways.  Writing is powerful…I can’t explain how powerful it is.

I have had amazing opportunities because I persisted, and wrote, and shared.  I met people online that changed the direction of my life.  I have been more understood in my business and personal relationships, because they have read Pink Moss.  I could never delete it or erase my thoughts shared here.  They are a part of me.  I can easily see my growth as a person over the years, as I read back through the posts.  It will be a journal, of sorts, for my posterity.  And, as people read over at MMS and want to see where I came from before, it will be here to read.

I will be shifting my energies over to for good now.  I will post pictures of my family, stories, thoughts etc. over there.  I didn’t want to combine the two for a long time, because I didn’t see my stories as having any relevance to a site with lots of diy’s, recipes, and other kinds of amazing information – because that’s not the same kind of blog as I am.  Now, I realize that together we are stronger.  Between my sister Camille, my cousin Melissa, and other contributors – we produce a perfect combination of perspectives.  If you just feel like hearing me ramble, like I did here on pink moss, just click on “Meet Janae” at the top of the blog – but believe me, if you read through it all, you will find  some great content and people!

I believe that as I let go of some of the energy of holding onto Pink Moss, it will more fully let me delve into my REAL writing again.  I will let my full self live there.  I still have so much to say, and I’ve missed sharing.  I used to have thousands of readers everyday on Pink Moss, and I have slowly let them leave, and that’s okay.  This blog was originally started for me, as it should be.  Some bloggers write for others…. meaning, I love that people want to read what I say, that makes me SO happy, but I have to be passionate about my message.  I have to want to write it, or when people read it, they will feel that I am not there because of my love for writing, but just to sell something. We have built MMS so that we do write paid blog posts sometimes, but it is not why we are there – and we only write about things we believe in.  And guess why I want to make money on the blog? It’s so that I can give back.  I’ve been involved with non-profit work for a long time, and although donated hours are so important, SO is money.  People need food and things to live.  I am very passionate about giving back to communities, and money makes so many things possible, for good.  Money is a tool, used for good – or bad.  It doesn’t define someone, unless they let it.

If you have something you’d like to say to me, you can write me at  I’d love to hear from you, I always have.  Thank you for being part of my journey, you can’t imagine what it’s meant to me.



And for my last picture posted here, I’d like to show you my first Grand baby, Emma.  I wrote about her over on MMS HERE.