We are going to keep this simple.

Myself, and the other girls (my sister and cousin) are starting a youtube channel!  We will have a new episode every monday at 2:00 MST!  We put our first one live, yesterday – and you just need to check it out.  Actually, it is REALLY uncomfortable for me to watch myself, but my goals outweigh my fears.

I want to create a place to strengthen women and families.  Not through my knowledge, but by sharing lots of peoples stories.  So tune in!  Remember to subscribe to our channel –  you will not be sorry.  We have so many fun things coming your way!

I also started training for my first (and last) marathon today, and I thought I was going to die.  I have a really funny story about that – but I’ll have to share it later.  For now, you can head on over and laugh at my video.  I’m spending so much time on My Mommy Style.com that I don’t have as much time for pink-moss – unfortunately.  So head on over there 🙂



or just watch it here 🙂