Is there anybody out there?  Just nod if you can hear me.  Is there anyone home?

Says I, at 1:00 am on January 1st, 2014.

My house is quiet – and Pink Moss has officially landed into our new home, surrounded by loads of black trash bags, boxes, piles of who knows what else.  It happened fast.  Lots of friends and family are asking why we up and moved out of the blue.  The truth is, we have been talking about the possibility of it, for about 4 years.  And then one day, it just happened.  We found the perfect house for us, in a perfect neighborhood for us right now, at the perfect time – so we pulled the trigger.

There is a lot of storage space, which is a big huge plus sign for our family of 8 *plus whomever is with us at the time*.  We use it – every last square foot.  I have had so much fun decorating our space and making it into our home.

We put on a wedding for Sydney, yes she was married previously and ended that last January.  She met a great guy for her, Briant, last Spring and made it official a few weeks ago.  She planned it quick, and it turned out lovely, every last inch of it.  They couldn’t be happier, which makes me just as happy.  Here is the only picture we have so far of the event.

The part of the planning I helped with that took the longest, was finding dresses for everyone that coordinated, but didn’t match for all my girls.  They all have different styles, and I wanted each outfit to express their individual personalities – while still going with the color pallet. But, as you can see, it paid off.  Doesn’t my new son in law look like my husband?!  If you knew Jon 20 years ago, you would see an even greater resemblance.  It is crazy to me, and sometimes freaks me out (in a good way) He is great!

The reception and wedding were held at the lodge at Soldier Hollow.  It was beautiful.  The only downside was that my whole family coming from the north, was blocked at the bottom of Parley’s canyon behind a diesel truck that slid sideways and was blocking the road.  The snow was really bad that day, and I’m just glad that everyone that came to the wedding and the ones that didn’t make it, were safe.  I will post a lot more pictures of that day when we get them from the photographer.

I took a picture of myself in the car as Jon was driving, because I wanted to keep my hair forever and I knew I couldn’t.  Studio Enizio did my hair and makeup – as well as Sydney’s hair and makeup and all the girls hair.  They did a great job, as always and relieved a lot of stress off me that day of getting all six girls ready for the big event.

You see?  This had no filter on it!  That is how perfect the makeup was.  I dyed the base color of my hair darker right before the picture, and it looks really dark here – but I think it faded some.

It has been very snowy here over the past little while, but so fun for Christmas time!  I love a white Christmas, and we need the moisture.  The picture below is one that my Aunt Barbara took in Idaho at her cabin that I wanted to share.  It is beautiful and reminds me of our cabin in Wyoming.

Well, I’m off to bed right now.  It’s 1:30 am and I have a lot to do tomorrow.  I am spending a lot of time organizing my house and getting things all where they need to go before my kids get into bad habits of putting things wherever they want – all over the place.  They go back to school on January 6th, and I think I’ll get a minute to myself again after weeks of kids being home sick with the flu and Christmas break.

I hope your New Year parties were fantastic and you enjoyed your families.  I know I did – always a few laughs about how lame different it is after you get old and have kids!


Janae Moss