Today, I am SO excited to share with you something coming to Utah in a very short few months!  It’s the Children’s Museum of Natural Curiosity!  I was lucky to be able to tour it twice now, and believe me – you will not believe your eyes!  Why didn’t they have anything like this when I was a kid?  Just feast your eyes on some of my favorite features to start out….


Features a 45-foot giant stone sculpture and a crashed airplane in the treetops that are three stories high. In the jungle, children will explore and climb through the treetops, compare their abilities to animals, and trade goods in an international market, as they experience cultures, trade, and healthy living.


In the western landscape of Waterworks, the floor allows water to flow and splash throughout as children put on waterproof suits, build pipes, create dams, and then walk through a tornado wind tunnel to dry off.


Kidopolis is a kid-sized city featuring a bank, theatre, art studio, music shop, health clinic, and pet shop, where children and children-at-heart can pretend to be what they want to be when they grow up.

Traveling Exhibit will feature rotating hands-on learning exhibits provided by the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

The new museum experience will incorporate the 5-acre Children’s Discovery Garden and a new outdoor science playground where children can experience the five basic machines, explore natural mazes, crawl through caves, and experience a variety of natural ecosystems. Ultimately, the interactive experiences in the Museum of Natural Curiosity will empower guests to ask questions, uncover their innate sense of curiosity and creativity, and enhance state curriculum as a resource for Utah teachers.

Now, let me show you some of the projects as they look under construction.  It is really a huge undertaking, but I spoke with designers and engineers that are definitely the best of the best in their fields for putting this together! But first off, I wanted to give a personal thank you to Barbara Barrington Jones, a major donor of the museum.  We all love and admire Barbara – enough to even make her a personal hard hat, complete with a scarf for beauty.

The picture below is of the gigantic waterfall that the kids will be able to walk behind.

This is the roof above a big rotunda in the museum. Below is the waterfall in the distance, and a bridge going off to the right.  Above the bridge will be a full size airplane suspended from the ceiling that the kids can even get in!

Above is Barbara Barrington Jones explaining her ideas for the museum.  She is such a visionary!

This picture above is the outside of one of the “businesses” in Kidopolis!  They will have a bank, library, dance studio, radio station, and so many other fun buildings to pretend they are in a little village.

Do you see that red rock in the picture above?  It is meant to look like Southern Utah, and right next to it will be a huge indoor water facility to play in!  The water will shoot out, and then drain between the tiles on the floor.  Don’t worry mom, there is a huge wind tunnel to dry the kids off afterward.

Some other highlights for me, were the huge spiders web that is a few stories tall.  The kids (of all ages) can climb through it!  Everything in the building is meant for kids of all ages.  There will be harnesses in the top of the building to tie yourself up to, and transverse everyone below.  I also love that they are speaking to the curiosity in adults by making it fun for them as well.

Although I can’t list it all, I wanted to give you a small taste of what’s coming around the middle of May.  Out of all the amazing opportunities in the children’s museum, my favorite is the tree – the heart of kidopolis – where kids can do a good deed, and bring a key to symbolize it, and hang it on the tree for a leaf.  Eventually, the tree will be full of silver metal leaves, that people donate to the tree!  I love it, and can’t wait to hang my first key.

We hope to see you there!  Thanksgiving Point has given me the go ahead to start involving bloggers!  If you feel like you would be a great fit to come visit the museum and write about it in your blog, let me know.  I will begin putting this together soon.

See you there! 

If you want more info about the museum, HERE IT IS!