Hello out there to everyone in bloggy land!

I have an announcement to make!  Below is the official invitation to my Halloween party.  As you can see, many great people have jumped on board!  We are all so excited to work together to bring an amazing event to the community.  Just take a look…

We are neck deep in decorations that I will be working on over the next week and a half.  True to “Janae Style” as my husband would call it, I am simultaneously planning a gala for the women’s council of United Way, Women in Philanthropy, and have had meetings for the Thanksgiving Point Gala NEXT AUGUST!  Yes, these people are serious, but with real reason.  They raised over $300,000 this year for TGP.  It is a non-profit, and it’s the only way they have to feed all of those darling animals, keep everyone employed and everything else it takes to run a facility that size.  The founders were so generous to build such an awesome attraction, and now it is a self generating blessing to us all.

If you have time, come on over and visit us at the Haunted Barn at Thanksgiving Point.  Make sure to wear your costumes!  I’ll be D.J. with Jim Evans YES, he is the mayor of Orem!  Who knew he could jam with the best of them! He was so excited when I asked him.  Now that’s what I call a REAL servant to the community!

Have a beautiful fall day, my friends.