Sometimes, I feel like words are flying around in my head, bumping the sides of my skull like a ping pong game, and if I don’t release them they will do irreparable damage.

I don’t think I’m an amazing writer, by any sense of the word, but I do believe I am meant to write.  My grammar is all wrong, I’m sure.  I always paid enough attention in school in order to stay on the dance team, but not enough to excel.  So, here I am, choosing to write anyway.

It’s early morning and it’s dark outside, and I’m laying snuggled in bed.  I’m listening to the cold wind howling through my skylights, and I can’t help but think of all the families that don’t have a warm home to retreat to.  My days are filled with caring for my children, running business, and many more things that are challenging – but my needs are met, and I’m blessed beyond measure.  I have food, my health, and a husband who supports and loves my family.  Our government is unstable, (actually shut down) and a concern for all of us, but if we focus on caring for each other, we will be okay.  I’m filled with the reminder, again today, to take a look around.  Give where you can, support those in need, and be a friend to all.  I am not saying I’m perfect, at all, I’m just sharing my thoughts as I wake up to start another day.

When I started blogging around three years ago, I didn’t understand the journey it would take me on.  I had no idea that the writing itself, would help me define my thoughts on so many things.  When I write, I feel like I am shaking all of those ping pong pieces out onto a table in front of me, and arranging them into meaning.  I guess this is why I’ve never minded how many readers I have, like most bloggers.  The point of me writing wasn’t for a huge readership.  Over time, I’ve shared a lot of fun times in our family, along with hard ones that I never thought I’d divulge.  I look back now, and can’t believe how much our family has changed just in these few short years.

I also had no idea that doors that blogging would open up for me.  The nomination for the Utah Business Magazine “30 Women to Watch” came frome a lady that read Pink Moss.  I had no idea that she would spend hours putting together my bio and submitting a huge packet, that led to them selecting me.  It has be a spring board for me in business and nonprofit – and I am so grateful to her.

My kids used to complain that I would blog almost everyday, and now they are sad that I don’t get the chance to.  That’s life, right?  I’m recovering from my surgery, nicely.  Very nicely, in fact.  Because they filled me full of two units (those bags) full of blood, I’m a new woman!  They said I’m still three units short, but I no longer have migranes, diziness, nauseusness, and fatique.  I still get a little tired from the surgery, but it’s not the same as when I didn’t have iron in my blood.  I should be able to start exercising on Monday, and I can’t wait!

Brighton just walked into my room, and asked to borrow my clothes and shoes.  I officially have three daughters in my closet now.  I don’t mind that they wear (most) of my stuff, as long as they return it.  It’s hard to believe that I only have three kids left in elementry.  My kids are growing up so fast!  I have so many beautiful pictures to post, hopefully I can get to it soon.

This weekend also marks the third anniversary of meeting Jordan – my Handsome, a day that changed the Moss families lives, forever.  My testimony of prayer will never be shaken.  Silent communication with our Heavenly Father, is heard.  Nobody knew I prayed for a son, other then the person Heavenly Father told me to tell – and he was the one that led him to us.  What a beautiful lesson in faith, patience, and love.

Have a good day, my friends.