Writing is like a muscle that has to be worked out, just like any other muscle.

I used to open up a blank blog page, and write without putting much thought into what I was doing.  Now, I can tell that it isn’t coming as easily.  I don’t go about my day thinking of things that I want to write about and share, like I used to.  I have to believe that I am thinking just as much as I used to, but I’m not thinking with my blog in mind.

People are still coming to my blog, and reading something – but I have to assume it is old blog posts, because I haven’t been writing as much as I used to.  I guess I’ll do a little catch up with the kids, and the latest of what’s going on in their lives.

 Sydney is attending the University of Utah, and is on schedule to be finished this time next year with her bachelors degree.  She is dating Briant, and they are very cute together.  He is a very hard worker, thoughtful, and always offering to serve.  And, oh. my. gosh.  he looks so much like Jon did at his age!  It kind of creeps me out at times.

Kinley is in her Senior year of high school!  I can hardly believe it.  This time next year, she will be off to college.   She is still involved with the special needs kids, and loves it.  She has been an amazing teenager, knock on wood.  She drives me crazy because she doesn’t keep her room clean, but she is respectful, happy, helpful, and kind.  I couldn’t make it without her help in driving the kids around town, and random errands here and there.  I was really worried her when she was little about her teenage years, but I think she gave me all of the grief then.

Whitney just started her Sophomore year at the same high school as Kinley.  They drive together, which is nice.  Because she transferred schools this year, she missed the tryouts for the dance team – so she just registered for “dance two”.  It wasn’t long before the dance coach saw Whitney’s talent, and invited her to be on the dance team.  She said that several girls had tried out, and she didn’t let them on the team, but that Whitney was ready and they needed another good dancer.  So, just like last year when she made the last spot on the cheer leading team, she is now the last spot on the dance team.  She is neck deep in new dances and choreography, but happy.

Brighton just started seventh grade, and all of a sudden she cares about matching and taking a shower.  I used to have to drag her in, but now she does her hair.  It’s really weird.  I guess times changes everything and everyone! I can tell she is getting a little boy crazy, which scares me just a bit.  She is on a soccer team, that is not competitive this year, but it’s been fun for her to play forward instead of always being in the goal box. I made her take debate this year because she is a natural …. I’m not sure if it was a good or bad idea yet.

Ella recently was chosen to have her design put on the school flag, and couldn’t be more happy!  She had drawn it for a race t-shirt for the school, but they used it on the flag instead.  We think this is even better, because it flies everyday and she’ll never forget it.  I bought her a copy to bring home, to remember forever.  “It’s an eagle, and when the wind blows it looks like it’s flying”, says Ella. She is also reading about the first American flag right now, so it’s even more special.  She has been swimming, but I need to get her on a new team since school started.

Halle is my little diva.  She is so funny, but following all of the other girls, she has sass.  It is very fitting that the first initials of her name spell out H.A.M. She’s a dancer, and very flexible naturally.  She has a bit of anxiety, like her big sister, but she is working on that.  In fact, I should tell that story, because it’s a pretty funny one.  She still snuggles and loves to be tickled.  She and Jordan play as if they were twins.  They laugh, tumble, and roll around like little tigers in the jungle. I know that she has had a happier childhood because Jordan came and they could stay young longer together.

Jordan is growing up SO fast!  He loves his cowboy hat and boots right now that his dad bought him in Jackson Hole.  He also loves is toolbox that Grandpa put together for him.  I even found him hammering on the faucet in the bathroom a few weeks ago!  We talked about it only being an outside toy, and so far he’s listened.  He loves kindergarten, but sometimes says it’s boring.  When Jon asked him what boring meant the other day, he said, “It’s well, like when, you know….I don’t know.” So Jon let him know that he has to do math everyday at work to make money, and Jordan agreed to keep trying.  He has already learned to read about 10 words, and has practiced his writing.  He has come so far.

Jon is as busy as ever.  Our business is growing, always.  This brings blessings and challenges.  We are always fine tuning systems, employees, goals, training, and trying to get funding to support our growth.  They banks want us to grow, but don’t want to do what it takes to help us.  We are privately held, which is nice because nobody can tell us what to do, but we don’t have the same kind of cash infusion as if we had a big money backer.  We believe this will pay off soon enough, but makes growth that much more exciting!  Jon shoulders a lot of stress…I’m not quite sure how it does it all yet.  I try to help where I can, but lets face it, I’m pulled in a lot of different directions.

Today I went to a lunch at the new Adobe building in Lehi.  It was amazing to see the facility.  We don’t clean that one… (yet 😉 What an amazing structure it is.  I met Jeremy Doyle, that is over development all over the world for Adobe.  I can’t even imagine that pressure!  He seemed remarkably calm. 

Well, there is a little update.