I’m feeling a bit nervous.

It’s not that I’m getting surgery tomorrow that freaks me out, necessarily, but it is.  I trust the doctor, and I trust the procedure – mostly.  But, I am not fully prepared for a 4-6 week recovery.  I am busy.  I like to be busy – and sitting around in my bedroom for that long, scares me.

I’m sure by now, you are wondering what surgery I’m having.  I am not coming out of this surgery skinnier, or with a prettier nose – I am coming out of this surgery with one less uterus.  (Hopefully there aren’t more than one in there.)  After battling with fibroids for the past several years, which have caused heavy periods, leading to very low iron and making it almost impossible to exercise – I’m done. For those of you wondering, I’m not getting a “full” hysterectomy.  I’m leaving my ovaries and they rest of the stuff in there.  I don’t want to mess up my hormones, more than they already are.  Jon actually made sure of this by asking the doctor, “Will she be messed up?  I mean, she is so chill and relaxed all of the time.  I don’t want her to lose that.”

The pill that they give me to try and control the periods, makes me gain weight quickly.  My iron has crashed again to the point that I will need a blood transfusion tomorrow before my surgery.  When they checked it, all of the nurses grew big eyes, and with their jaw dropped, explained that they have given blood transfusions for numbers way higher than mine.  Now if this weren’t fun enough, I decided to get “the sling”.  The sling is a device that helps you not leaky when you sneezy, after giving birth to a load of kids.  I have talked to many people that have done it, in conjunction with a hysterectomy – and love it.

I am quite sure, I will come out of this pretty bruised up.  Laparoscopic surgery sounds a lot better than just using knives, and should help with the recovery. Even using this technology, they tell me it will be six weeks until I have a full recovery.  I can’t wait to jump on the trampoline with my kids again, without having to wear depends (just kidding – kind of).

(sometime, I’ll tell you about the bladder test I had to take – maybe.  Maybe when I’m sitting in my room, bored enough to share this horribly invasive  -and kind of funny- experience 🙂

At 11:00 pm tonight, my instructions are to eat nothing – not even gum, mints, or water.  I think I will die.  It’s always worse when you know you can’t do something.  I missed my 20 year high school reunion because I am just not doing well health wise.  I can barely make it up the stairs, and afterward have to bend over and breathe hard for about a minute.  This is so frustrating to me, because I’ve always been so healthy.  I plan on getting back there, but I won’t be able to start for a bit.

So, if you have ever had one, or both of these surgeries, let me know how it went.  How was recovery?  Email me at shmonae@gmail.com.  Afterward, I plan on getting my butt back to the hormone specialist and evening things out again.  It helped last time, so well that when I started feeling better, I stopped following his instructions 🙂  I know, dumb me.

Anyway, wish me luck 🙂  I sent in my life insurance forms a few days ago, hopefully I won’t need them..just kidding, you aren’t getting rid of me that easily!