Can I just tell you how happy I am that Whitney has successfully made it through the fog?  Those of you that know me in real life, understand what I am talking about – but those of you that don’t, may need a bit of explaining.

Every girl, in my home anyway, gets to a certain age that is down right scary.  Sydney went through it, Kinley went through it, and now Whitney has emerged on the other side.  Isn’t she beautiful?  It’s like I see my daughter standing there in front of me, but part of them is missing.  They are a little bit more defensive, emotional, annoyed, … you know, puberty.

And then, one fine day, you wake up and really see them again.  You remember all the things you loved about them, before they went into the fog.  But now somehow, they are even better!  They are funnier, and enter a phase where you can really begin building an adult relationship with them.  Each of my girls make me laugh much more post-fog, and I’m really happy about that.


In our home, there is another girl entering, just as the last emerges.  That’s right…

Brighton is most definitely trying to find her way right now.  Good thing I have had experience with three other lovely young ladies, to know that she too will come out alright on the other side.  It seems like the worst of it is about ages 10-14, in our home anyway.  Don’t get me wrong, she is still a doll – and I love her (most of the time) it’s just that they push it just a little harder to get what they want.  Yell a little bit louder when they are mad.  Make scary faces, like it’s Halloween all of the time.  Forget to wear deodorant, and now they really need too.  Occasionally whine or cry, like it’s the end of the world… you know, those sort of things.

It’s all for they best though, in my opinion.  If they continued to do everything, everyone, always told them to do without thinking for themselves, I’d be more worried.  They need to learn how to stand on their own two feet.  It’s an important skill to question things, and decide how you feel about them.

It will only be a few short years, and they will be skipping off into their future – and expected to made life changing decisions.  I can only hope that I have let them try to make enough of them on their own, and even let them fail when needed, so they understand decision making.  There is something that happens when you make each decision, good or bad.

So, we wait.  I *only* have three more girls that need to go through this metamorphosis, and I believe I am getting a little better at letting it roll off my back each time.  It’s no wonder parents are worn out by the last kid, and the kid gets to do whatever the heck they want to!

Happy 24th of July, to my Utah friends!