For a day, the title of “Mother” is celebrated.

The time spent loving, kissing, comforting, driving, reading, helping with homework, dressing, driving, brushing, talking to, feeding, cleaning them, supporting and praying for every step of every child, for a lifetime – lasts a lot longer than one day a year.  And I do it, because I love it.  I do it because it is more important than any other job.  I do it because I have the chance within my  home, to change the world.

Does this mean that my kids will all be perfect?  No.  Does it mean it’s easy, and I never want to run away?  No. And that’s okay.  The journey is not only for my children, but also for me.  Nothing in the world brings more patience from frustration, understanding from confusion, and love from pain.  

I am a different, and better person because I get to be a mom.  I have an eternally altered perspective of the perfect love our Heavenly Father has for us, because I have the honor of being a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, to all of the many perfectly imperfect Mothers out there that I look up to, and relate with. Thank you for being an example to me of being real.  Crying when you’re sad, yelling when you’re mad, laughing when happiness overwhelms you, and loving always, no matter what.