“Mama, you better be wewee careful tonight, because I saw a huge spider on your pillow today and I didn’t kill it because it was ugly.  Goodnight.” Handsome

That’s how my day ended.  

(these pictures were taken today at Zupas.  In the first picture Jon was asking Jordan what he wanted to eat, and explaining what marketing was to him.  He was showing him the pictures and explaining that that was how they sold things to people.  In the second picture, he had just said to me, “Mama, I pick-ted my hat all by myself!”)

Today was a long day, Mondays always are.  I get up, get the kids fed and dressed.  Drive the carpool to the school.  Do a little work online to remind people to vote for Help Me Grow.  Get dressed and down to our office.

We bought a new office.   We still have the ones we had before in Salt Lake City, and Provo – but we were so grown out of our Provo office, that the managers cars were parked all down the street and the police man was trying to ticket them all, so we added a second building that is two doors down.  It is awesome, and much needed!  In this office, we added a hang out area with a flat screen, play station, movies etc.  and another room that will have a pool table, and some other fun stuff.  We also were able to add a bunch of offices for our sales team, which was nice.  Not that any of them have the time to hang out at the office too long, but now they at least have a landing place of sorts to set their stuff and unwind.

I love Monday’s at the office, because I love meeting with the management team and hearing all that is going on.  There are so many moving parts – and it is crucial to communicate between ourselves so everything runs smoothly.  First the main management team meets, then the sales team, then our main management again, and finally the building management and office management and sales layer of people all together.  I love watching them talk and laugh with each other.  They all work so hard, but produce great things.  Just think, over a million square feet of carpet is cleaned a year.  That’s a lot of carpet.

After work, I rushed home to grab Brighton and get her to her soccer game.  The referee was late, so the game started really late.  Extracurricular activities are always right during dinner.  It’s so hard to get everyone everywhere.  Tonight Fillipo, Kinley’s Italian boyfriend, cooked pasta for the kids.  That worked out well, especially since I haven’t had time to get to the grocery store yet this week.  It is unbelievable how much  money I spend on food.

I spend about $100 a week on Winder Dairy

about $200 a week at the grocery store

$300 a month at Dream Dinners

Hmmm we are at $1,500 already, without the random stops to wherever.  Is that normal for a family with nine people in it, and friends?  I’m not sure, but it seems like a lot.  Those hungry little buggers.

So, if you have been paying attention, I am up by at least 500 points on the voting for Utah Business Magazine!  Yea!!! I am not quite sure what to attribute it to exactly, but I do know this:

I have posted an update on Facebook, almost every day for about four years now!

I have had a lot of experience getting people to “like” my pages, such as Sweet Solstice, My Mommy Style, RBM, Women In Philanthropy, Help Me Grow, etc.

I have VERY supportive friends and family.

I have VERY supportive colleagues in the non profit and business world.

I have VERY supportive blog friendships, that also chip in.

So thank you!  Thanks for supporting Help Me Grow!  It makes me so happy to think if I can win, all the kids that will be affected for good!

I know this post was random, oh well, goodnight