Because I am begging for a vote a day, I wanted to put a face to Help Me Grow and tell just a few of the success stories.  This annoying begging for votes, isn’t for me.  It’s for the families that it brings services to.  

Thank you, thank you for joining in our cause! We keep the names private, for obvious reasons.

One family was concerned about their 9 month old daughter. After completing the ASQ for her, the results were very low in all areas. The mother said, “I worry about everything.” Often parents score their children low on every area when they are very worried.  Because of this, we sent out a home visitor from a community program to help the parent complete the ASQ. The results showed abnormalities in communication and the personal-social area. Help Me Grow connected the child to early intervention.  Early intervention assessed her and found that the daughter had difficulty hearing. Help Me Grow then connected the daughter and family to other resources to help the daughter. Thanks to Help Me Grow, this family was able to discover this developmental delay and get their daughter the help that she needed early on.