Oh boy.

My life has been crazy. What’s new, right?

The last time I posted, I was in Las Vegas.  That already seems like a really long time ago.  On the last day of the WPPI Conference, I got a phone call that rocked my world.  It wasn’t a bad call, it was actually rather good.  It just rattled me a bit.  

Let me back up.  I picked up my phone in between classes, and began listening to my messages.  

“Mrs Moss?  This is Derek from Utah Business Magazine.  You have been nominated and selected to be in our 30 Women to Watch, May edition.  We will need you to come into our office for an on camera interview, and we will be sending out a questionnaire for your review.  Congratulations, goodbye.”

I literally teared up.

I can’t explain the feeling.  I looked over at Mandy, with tears in my eyes and said, “Listen to this.” and shoved that phone in her face.  She was worried someone had been hurt, or something horrible she couldn’t yet visualize.  I assured her it was okay, but waited for her response.  She just handed me back the phone and said, “So, what’s the problem?”  

“I guess nothing…I just don’t understand.  Why would they be picking me?  What have I done to deserve this?  There are so many qualified people.  I just don’t understand.”  

I think she was a little baffled that I wasn’t jumping for joy.  Don’t get me wrong, it is an honor.  A huge honor.  I guess it’s just that I see my weaknesses, and someone found some strength in me to share.  It’s always easier to notice and share other people’s strengths and abilities, before our own.  I began listing everything that I had worked on, that ended up differently than I thought it would.  

Of course, I had been involved with RBM from the very beginning with Jon, but I have worked on so many other things that didn’t go quite as I originally planned them.  I started Native Honey with Mandy, and planned on that being a huge business.  We spent countless hours designing, finding contacts, supplies, shipping, and on and on – but in the end – I felt very strongly that the economy wasn’t headed in a good direction (truly inspiration at the temple before the economy crashed, and that we needed to focus on RBM) and also something bigger was coming.  

And it was named Jordan.  

Native Honey is alive and thriving, in the hands of my cousin – but we had put in so much money, time, and energy with nothing it felt, to show for it.  

Eventually I moved onto jumping back into baby mode with little Handsome.  We had to re-buy a high chair, diapers, and BOY CLOTHES!  My life stood still for about two years, it felt like.  

Then, about six months ago, Camille and I started Sweet Solstice – our online boutique.  Problem is, it went well.  Well enough that we really needed lots more people to run what we were doing.  So, instead of focusing on a baby business, I’ve decided to just keep pearls for sale there for now – and decide if I’d like to add more to it later.  And, focus a lot more time in RBM, where I am needed to plan events, PR, sales etc.  

Through my journey, however, Camille and I met a darling girl named Callie that blogs over at SmittenBy.net.  She is amazing.  She is a lot of the same kind of blog I would consider Pink Moss to be.  I have always talked about what was in my heart, on my mind.  I never did give aways or made money on advertisements.  It just felt like too big of commitment.  THAT IS why I love my new blog MyMommyStyle.com.  We are able to write about fun things like food, family, fashion, photography, and fun AND do giveaways (a huge one started today).  I am able to do all of these things, because I have help!  Camille, Cassia, Melissa, and myself run that blog.  

okay, so back up.  Callie is awesome.  She is doing what I always wanted to do on Pink Moss, get her readers together for a retreat, three times a year!!! and My Mommy Style is teaming up with her to do that! So, come and have a sleepover!! All of the info is on MyMommyStyle.com today.  I love helping women and talking about hard things.  We will party on Friday in Saint George, and have classes on Saturday.  Honestly, in my opinion she isn’t charging enough 🙂 so enjoy it while it lasts!

OKAY, so back to my journey.  See what happens when I only write a few times a month?!  I’m scattered.  And did I tell you that my blog broke again!!!! after the last time?  I about died.  

Okay, so I’m out of time.  I’ll have to catch up on the interview later, but it’s over.  I did it!  It went rather well, other than I actually quoted GOONIES from the 80’s in my live interview!  They asked what my business motto was, and I spouted off “NEVER SAY DIE”.  

The lady just kind of looked at me with a blank face, and moved onto the next question.  

I also decided that because I had my hair and makeup done, I would get a professional photo shoot as well.  I have needed pictures for lots of different things .  I have only one picture so far, but I love it.  I can’t wait to see them all!!  THANK YOU JON WOODBURY PHOTOGRAPHY!

This post is so haphazard and long.  I need to go though because I’m helping to host the Help Me Grow national event the rest of the week here in Utah!! The Governor and his wife will be there, among many doctors and leaders in the community.  I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been pushing for, for so many years now!  Yea!!!!! Help me Grow is going STATE WIDE!! Our goal for many years now!!!

I’ll catch you up on important details, (like where I bought the outfit etc. in the picture) later 😉  Also, you can find me writing on MMS on Thursdays.  AND I’ll be covering the Help Me Grow conference right here on Pink Moss the rest of the week!! FUN TIMES!