I’ve almost cried so many times thinking that this blog was lost forever.  It’s a really long story that I don’t have time to tell right now, but just know that I’ve been fighting to get it back for about a month now.  My hosting service was completely messed up, and not because I didn’t pay a bill or something.  It’s because it was purchased through blogger as a .com, but they basically subcontracted it out to someone named enom.  Well, they stink.  Finally, after much craziness I was able to change it to bluehost, where I host the rest of my sites.

Anyway!  My sites been down for a month now.  I have no readers anymore, and that’s okay.  I write my blog for me and for my kids, and if somehow and for whatever reason someone decides to read or not read, that is fine.

Today, I wrote a post for my new blog that was formerly called, and has been changed to  We felt like it fit better.  So, if you’d like to read that post, it is HERE.

Funny part is that my assignment was to write on cooking something, and if you have read this blog at all before, you just know that is really funny.

okay, goodnight.