Well Well.

WELCOME back from the holidays!  I know it has been more than a week since the new year, but I feel like we are just getting back into the swing of things with how the school schedule fell.  Also, we have been sick for more than 3 weeks at our house.  We had the flu, and strep in our house before Christmas, and while at the cabin over the Christmas break, we picked up the flu that the cousins had as we were getting over the last one.  I am tired of being sick, but it sure does make you grateful for the healthy times.

I am so tired of feeling sick, in fact, that I tried some natural oils that I think will help us get through this.  I just started last night, but have high hopes for it.  You can only take so many antibiotics, tylenol, motrin, nyquil, dayquil, before you just feel horrible!

Our Christmas was beautiful.  It snowed a few days before Christmas, making for a perfect holidays, storybook setting.  It was peaceful and calm, moon glistening on the snow.  Even our new dog, Miss Marley, could tell there was something special happening.  The energy of it all was everywhere.

This year I was determined to have stuff mostly wrapped before 3:00 am Christmas Eve.  I am determined every year…but once again, it was 3:00 am Christmas Eve before I laid me down to sleep.

The kids were up bright and early Christmas morning, ready to party!  Jon thought it would be super funny to sound off a BLOW HORN to kick off the presents.  MAN, those things are pretty loud, especially inside a house!  It conjured just the reaction he was hoping for.

Picture 1.

The traditional family pose before they come down the stairs to see the Christmas tree.

Picture 2.

The horn starts to go off! (Jon and I are cackling in the background)

Picture 3.

The horn continues to blow!



After all of the brooo haha had ended, I made all the kids get dressed quick and head out back for some pictures!  None of them were excited, but mom was.  I found these fun turtle scarves at the Christmas tradeshow I did, and thought they would be fun to wear.  These pictures were taken with no showers, and our friend/ sister/ daughter that happened to come visit from next door.  I talked her into taking them and assured her I could fix the color and lighting in photoshop.  She did a GREAT job, and I was so happy with the results!

Halle Bug and Handsome had to test out their new Santa gifts as soon as possible!

As you can see, I was so excited to get Miss Marley into our family pictures.  She has been such a FUN addition to our family.  More on her later… she deserves several posts of her own!

I hope you are all well, I will be catching up soon!

Love you all!