It seems like over the years in the Pink Moss Home, there have been special times when everything stops for just a minute, and our lives shift.  

A shift has occurred again, and I can’t wait to tell you about it!  

Remember when Handsome came into our lives?  Do you remember the excitement and happiness?  There were a lot more emotions than that, of course – but it was a shift that changed our lives forever. It was meant to be.  He was born into this world into a different family, but soon later came into ours. 

Fast Forward two years later, and another member of our family decides to show up!  It happened rather quickly, just like Handsome – but Miss Marlie with a lot more drool, snoring, and fur.  That’s right, she is a dog. 

Not just any dog, but a white and brown, cuddly, slow, manatee with legs.  She will always come to you, it just takes her a bit – which is just fine with me.  From the moment I met Jon, he let me know that at some point we would buy a bulldog.  I didn’t really understand his obsession, after all, there are so many cute puppies out there!  First we had Phylis, our loyal, busy Brittany Spaniel that ran in circles for 3 years straight in our back yard.  She was self sufficient and happy, a perfect pal for all of our little kids.  She ran with them, played fetch, ate crumbs off the floor, and finally started cuddling when she was about 5.  

A few days before Sydney’s wedding, she had to be put to sleep.  In a very sad way, it was sort of fitting because we had bought her at a time when Sydney really needed a dog.  She was playing the going back and forth to two different families game, that so many kids play when their parents are no longer together.  She needed something stable, something neutral and always loving.  Someone that wouldn’t tell her what they thought about the situation, someone like Phylis.

After that, we needed a doggy break.  Jordan had just come to live with us when he was 18 months old, and he was having struggles with sleeping, pooping, and stuff that wouldn’t be fun do deal with at the same time as a new puppy.  We promised the kids when Jordan was potty trained, we would get a new dog.  That time came and went.  

“MOM!  DAD!  You said we could get a DOG!!!”  But we weren’t quite ready.  

Jon and I would look at bulldogs online every once in a while, but it never felt right.  And then, one day, we saw her on the computer.  


So we contacted the sellers, and asked about her status.

They told us that they had changed their mind, and we were sad.

Jon told them that we would treat her right, and love her forever.  Later they told us that they wanted her to go to a home that she would be loved and taken care of.  They loved her too, but were moving, and they couldn’t take her with them.

A little bit later, they decided that it was a good fit, and we told the littles.

Just take a look for yourself.  These are the faces of happy happy littles!

So they brought her down to her new home, and we haven’t stopped taking pictures since.

You could say, we are a bit obsessed with Miss Marlie.

And then one day, my friend Tracy Magleby brought Miss Marley a house warming present.

She was so excited for her first car ride, but by the time I turned around to back up – she was asleep. 🙂

My sister Camille and I decided that Miss Marlie would be our Mascot for Sweet Solstice!  

As you can see here, she is paying close attention to our mail.

The past few days, we have been sick with strep, stomach flu, and some random virus.  

Miss Marlie has been a loyal companion and stayed right by our side.  

Thank you Heavenly Father for listening to our prayers

and bringing us our guardian angel.

I haven’t seen Jon smile more, or bigger for a really long time.  He wrestles with her, feeds her chicken nuggets, cheese, hot dogs and anything else that makes her drool.  She is already potty trained, which is AWESOME! And although she is crate trained, she has slept by a different bed each night.  When she is in my room, she snores on my right – and Jon snores on my left.

She jumps up onto the kids beds, but only when nobody is looking.  I really can’t figure out how she actually gets up that high!  She always comes when you call, but she sure takes her own sweet time.  The most energy she has is when she is wrestling or if Sydney’s little dog comes to visit.  She follows her around and snorts.  I can’t tell yet if she is mad or curious.  I think it’s a little of both.

Who would have thought we would add another girl to the family?! 

Merry Christmas to Pink Moss!