Good morning!!!

I am working on a post for today, but I just received this email that I wanted to share!  It is very urgent, and we need your help again this year!  I realize my numbers are down right now because I haven’t had the time to blog – but if you hear me, if you see this, we need your help.  You all helped last year, thank you.  You made a difference 



Remember last year when you made a plea on your blog for donations for Sub for Santa.  Well this year we have no clothing donations for the Angel Tree program.  Here are the details would you be willing to make another plea.

Angel Tree is a program that provides the following for each child when a family qualifies for help. 

A toy, a book and a clothing outfit. The Angel Tree program is very short on clothing donations this year.  Any size of clothing donations for both boys and girls would be greatly appreciated.  We need the donations as soon as possible.  Please contact United Way of Utah County at 801-374-2588 for details.”

Stay tuned to hear about the newest addition to our family, you heard me right….haha