Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had long brilliant
blond hair, white teeth the sparkled like the sun, light blue eyes that
washed over you like a calm lake at dusk, graceful legs that ran through
the woods, and a sweet disposition.  Her home was protected by the
serene trees, that swayed in the breeze, and a family that loved her
very much.

She grew up with horses to ride on, and picnics to eat.  Her favorite
things to do were playing musical instruments, that were magical and
tickled her senses sweet.  Dancing came from her soul, and writing was
an extension of her imagination – that may as well have been running
wild with her horses, not with concentration.  She fell in love, a few
times – but finally found her one and only – and settled down in a
cottage, built for two.

She had always wanted a big family, with littles running around her
abode.  So, she set off to make that appear, one at a time – almost. 
Her knight in shinning armor, came with a beautiful daughter, that
landed nicely in her heart.  The second daughter arrived rather quickly,
with wide eyed curiosity and love infinity.  The third daughter
followed suit, making her appearance faster than any had imagined she
would, with talents ta-boot.  The Fourth daughter was head strong, and
smart as a whip.  The Fifth daughter was sweet, and nurturing as if
butterflies would land on her shoulder at any moment.  The sixth
daughter was spunky and fun, and wrapped up the family nicely, and they
thought they were done.  That is, until, a handsome brown eyed little
boy, showed up on her doorstep, and vowed to protect them all with joy.

Now this beautiful story could end here, but the purpose of today’s little tale, is very dear.

Somewhere in the mix, the girl ate one too many french fries – and
gained a few pounds on her thighs.  And as she grew, her hair turned
thin, a dingy muddled sort, to her chagrin.  Her teeth unfortunately
dimmed from massive amounts of diet coke, and her graceful dancing was
no more than the running man, joke.  Her skin lost it’s glow, most
likely from all of the pollution she breathed in or the fact that it
rarely saw the sun because she was changing diapers with Desitin.  Her
eyes settled on two black circles that found a permanent place, and her
teeth were a callused shell of porcelain in her face.  Her toes started
to bend, from her pointed, lofty shoes.  Her stomach became deflated,
and a saggy sort of bamboozle goo.  Her proud chest that was once held
high, had been sucked on, engorged, decreased, and left dry.

There was one thing that this little lady could do, she she did it –
you see – she did it for me and you.  She glued in glowing locks of hair
into her own, like Sampson it made her face aglow.  She glued dark
lashes upon her stubby flutters, and plucked those unruly randoms, on
her chin and uttered.  “I can’t believe what’s happened to me, I think
I’ll go shopping at the boutique.” She sprayed her skin, and unnatural
hue, an orange that should only be eaten by you.  She cut off part of
her skin on her belly, and whittled her breasts from massive to large. 
Her antics were never quite enough, and her daughters wondered why she
thought she wasn’t good enough.

She told them they were brave, and beautiful, and strong.  She told
them they were good enough when they wondered what was wrong.  Soon she
realized the error of her ways, and vowed to be better, on most days. 
She’d still work to not look like the evil village queen, but keep life
balanced and focus on what beauty really means.  So with three kids in
her left arm, and four on the right, she hugged them and kissed them,
and told them they were right.

She was beautiful and strong, just an older model, and someday they’d
get to try to be better than their mother.  And do you know what?  She
was happier, she was.  Focusing on her blessings and not her underarm
hair fuzz.  So take a lesson from your elder girl, beauty comes from
your demeanor – your kindness, not the amount of fat on your femur.