It’s been awhile since I have had a spare minute to write anywhere.  Pink Moss, has suffered.  I have been hard at work, developing the Sweet Solstice daily deal site, boutique style.  It has been so much fun, and has been a creative and entreprenuial outlet.  It has been one step on a long stairway.  I always find it interesting that everyday we are surprised by the things that come into our lives, heaven knows it is almost comical to try and plan anything too far into the future, but when you look back, you realize it all made sense.  Somehow all of those steps you were taking each day, were actually leading you somewhere.

That’s exactly how I feel about The Solstice Sisters Blog, and Sweet Solstice.  It has been in the works for a long time, without me even conciously knowing about it.  I loved writing on Pink Moss, but I was left wanting more community.  I felt as though I was pouring my heart out, day after day, and getting only a few comments here and there.  Don’t get me wrong, I have made lots of amazing friends through my blog.  My family, and even my own mother, have gotten to know me better by reading my thoughts.  My kids have loved reading all of the stories that have only been preserved by my blog.  So, I would have done it anyway.  But, I craved to build some kind of community.  This blog is becoming that for me, and Sweet Solstice is as well.  There is nothing more awesome than meeting new women business ladies everyday, and promoting their hard work!

Camille and I decided last summer, as we were dreaming about the perfect boutique, which non-profits we would help.  I have been involved in the non-profit community for a long time, and personally know SO many deserving programs – first on my list being “Help Me Grow”, a tool to connect families to free existing community resources to help in the development of children.  We decided to pick one charity a month to donate to, but it was becoming confusing to our customers and vendors who we were giving back to each month, not to mention ourselves.  So, after much thought and discussion with Camille, we decided that we needed to focus on one thing to give back to, so our message was clear and relatable.  We knew it needed to be something near and dear to our hearts.

The answer came rather quickly as we weighed our options.  Our family has been touched by adoption in so many ways, we wanted to give our attention and a portion of profits from each sale on Sweet Solstice, to adoption.  To fully understand this, you would need to read my full story of my miracle adoption of my son.  In short, I know he was meant to be in my home.  I prayed for him in the quiet solitude of my laundry room, and he literally showed up on my front door step two years later.  My daughter Halle, knew him.  She had seen him before, and she told me he would be coming when she was only two years old.  Why does it take us so long to listen to our children?

This little boy had big plans.  He came from a family that loves and adores him, and he moved into a home where he is cherished.  We have six daughters that mother him like he is their own, poor kid!  He has been a blessing in my life, along with all of my girls.  My husband was adopted, as well.  My whole life, and everything I know in it, was affected by the selfless act of adoption.  I love the birth mothers, because they put their hard feelings aside, and thought about what would be best for their babies.  

Thanks Christine, Shianne, and NaNa.  I know your hearts ache for your boys.  Just know that I am grateful to you on this beautiful Thanksgiving day, for giving me everything I love in this world.  Nothing would be the same without your sacrifice, and I will work to give back anything and everything I can to bring the same gift of adoption to more families.  We will also work closely with “Blessings in a Basket” to support giving back to birth moms, through donating baskets, raising awareness about their cause, and raising funds to help their support groups.  

We will highlight one family a month on Sweet Solstice and donate a portion of every purchase to the family in the spotlight to go toward their adoption costs, and we will try to help them be seen, as they seek that special baby that is meant to be placed into their waiting arms.  If you have someone you would like to submit for consideration, please email with their story.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day, and enjoy your blessings.  I, for one, am grateful for every member of my family. After all, it’s not blood that makes a family – it’s LOVE makes a family!