I am laying here, between my handsome and hubby at the hotel St. Regis. Originally, Jon and I were going to come by ourselves for the business dinner with corporate alliance, but we decided to bring the kids along. I will be very busy the next few weeks at a Christmas trade show, selling pearl necklaces, some costume jewelry, children’s hats, and custom stationary for for Sweet Solstice. All day Black Friday, sat, and mon. And also the next weekend. It will be at the abandoned Nordstoms in Orem if you want to come! The pearls I will be selling will be $20 and up! The same set of pearls are for sale on Shane Company right now for $125 and they are raving about that deal! They will also be available on SweetSolstice.com in case you need some.

My sister and I started making the booth display yesterday. It reminds me so much of building Native Honey Honey with Mandy, but Mandy’s not there and it makes me miss her. It’s been fun to be with my only sister though, and have an excuse to do crafts and buy stuff together that we will sell 🙂 we have been open now for only a few weeks, and we are doing better than I had hoped.

After much consideration, Camille and I have decided to focus on giving back to adoption on our store, because the message is more clear. Originally, we were going to give to a different charity every month because I know so many charities personally I’d love to help. The problem is that it was confusing to our customers, other vendors, and even ourselves what was going on. It was hard to pick, but after reviewing our options we decided that adoption has had the most impact on our family. My husband and son (and by extension, my children) have all been brought into my life through adoption. We will highlight one family a month to try and get them more exposure, and give proceeds earned from each sale to them as well. We will also support the birth moms through “Blessings in a Basket” who gives support, counseling, and special gift baskets to the mother when their baby leaves to their new home. We are still working out the details, but I am so excited. Adoption was going to be one months focus on Sweet Solstice, but now, it is the heart of it. Ever since we made the switch, I have felt even more passionate and excited about our boutique! I will get to share our amazing story of Handsome and connect others to babies they were meant to have! I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend! I miss chatting with you all. Hopefully things will calm down a bit, but I can’t really see that happening until the new year!