So many exciting things are happening in my life, yet when I sit down to record them – I sit her in silence without typing.  I know I am going in the direction I need to be going, without a doubt – but I miss being able to share more.  I have been so busy, not watching T.V, hardly sitting to eat, and always on the phone with someone.  I have always prayed that when my kids entered school, I would know where to spend my energy and build a career.  Well, that’s happening – quickly.

My store is up and running, with some glitches – but a work in process.  I have taught myself basic photo shop skills to make my site look fun, and I have been taking pictures to use on my site eventually, which I love.  I am able to listen to my music and edit darling deals for Sweet Solstice.  I am talking to fun new people that own boutiques and enjoying hearing their journeys, and how they ended up doing what they do.  I have some fun and exciting news for “The Solstice Sisters Blog” that I can’t really speak about yet, but just know that this is going.  It’s going to be big and amazing!

The Women in Philanthropy Gala was a great success!  Lots of great people, yummy food, and we bid (and won) on a condo in Hawaii!  I can’t wait to HAVE to use it, and that the money went to “Help Me Grow” and other United Way of Utah county supported programs.  My friends Shannon and Will, and Camille and Paul came with us.  We even talked the dudes into wearing tuxes!  United Way of Utah County asked me to plan the Gala next year, so I am already thinking of things to do and ideas to make it a great party!  Let me know if you want to donate any items to be bid on, want to come to bid on fun stuff, or want to be a corporate sponsor.  I got my first one yesterday!  Intermountain Healthcare offered to be a corporate sponsor! YEA IHC!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is on it’s way?! I can’t!  And soon after, Christmas!  Time flies.  Oh, and get a load of my darling niece in the item for sale today on Sweet Solstice!