Sweet Solstice is LIVE!

Although my site has a few glitches right now and is a work in progress, after staying up all night trying to get all the details perfect – I am proud of what has been accomplished with a great team of people.  A big thanks to my sister Camille for being supportive, finding amazing vendors, and so smart with percentages because I don’t understand them, my hot accountant brother in law, Paul for running all of the finances, Amy and Eli Kirk for helping me create my vision, Rachael for helping me with everything always – including the gala that I’m helping throw tomorrow (how is that for bad timing) and editing my writings when I produce them too quickly, Maria for taking special care of my little ones as I work, and especially Jon for always supporting me in my wild and crazy ideas and dreams.



Now go ahead and do some Christmas shopping, would ya!?



I will now sit down and dose of for a moment with Jordan while I watch Monsters Inc.  I maybe slept one hour last night, as I was trying to get the website ready.  I am beginning to become delirious!