Do you ever feel lost, like you are walking down a path that just doesn’t make sense? 

So much time is spent planning.  We plan when to eat, wake up, our schooling, our spouses, our careers, and so much more.  We fool ourselves into thinking that we actually have some kind of control over these things.  And of course, sometimes and to some extent we do – but the more I plan, the more I realize things don’t turn out like I ever thought they would. 

I swore, as a young lady – that I would never marry anyone that smoked, had a child, or a serious relationship before they met me.  As you can see – I did exactly opposite of what I had set out to do. 

As I look back on my Native Honey days, and the countless hours Mandy and I spent in designing, manufacturing, and setting up that business – I feel a sadness and a loss for that creation.  It was our baby, but circumstances ended up being different.  For lots of reasons, it just wasn’t right.  I remember praying about it and feeling really strongly that something was coming into my life, that was big – and I needed that extra time I was putting into the business for something else.

That something else ended up being my son, Jordan. 

You see, although losing that part of my life was painful – I gained something bigger by listening to the spirit.  I gained the son that I always wanted.  So even though I was so sad, and it felt as though I was losing everything, I was actually gaining and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. 

Now as I set out to start a new business, “Sweet Solstice” I am aware that I learned so much from my previous experience.  It will only add to my knowledge as I set out on my new journey.  So in a weird way, I have always been on my journey to HERE.  We all are.  We are all a product of our choices.  I love photography, writing, social media, helping brainstorm about business for me and others, boutique fun items, and supporting women and children in general through my non-profit work.  Isn’t it crazy that I get to use all of those things.  every. single. one.

Prayers are heard, and answered.

Prayers even about seemingly unimportant things. 

The key is to remember to pray.  Jon is really good at reminding me to pray. (which if you knew him, it’s kind of funny)  He also has a relatively foul mouth *nicely placed cursing, at nicely placed times* and it’s a chore to get him to church most weeks, but he has a simple faith that amazes me.  He has overcome monumental challenges because of his belief in prayer. 

If you can tell, I am in a reflective mood, and miss writing on Pink Moss.  I am SO busy, and I will be up all night working on my store – but I had to breathe for just a minute, and remind myself why I am here and what I am doing.  I always felt like I needed to blog, and develop the talent for writing and social media.  I also know that it has, and will lead me into bigger things.  Maybe writing a book some day, or speaking, or marketing, or all of the above. 

Life is a beautiful ride.