Today, I’m setting it all aside to catch up. *on some of the past 6 months*

*fyi, this post was started in the morning, and now it’s 10 pm*

This may be long and boring to anyone that decides to read it, but it is necessary for me.  I feel so behind, not only on my blog – but in my thoughts.  This is one place I hash them out.  I talk to people I Love, about all sorts of things but there is something about being with my thoughts and putting them into words on a page.  Maybe that’s the key.  It’s hard and almost impossible to ever be alone with my thoughts.  I have all these great kids around, doing great things.

They each have their own journey.  Struggles, victories, pain, happiness, and to watch it is intense. I have always been one to stay busy.  I thrive on it.  I am happier being involved and having goals.  Sometimes when I am frustrated, I start to pull out of things I love – but it only makes things worse.  I really believe we need people, and things we love and are passionate about to keep life in perspective. 

I love my kids.  I pulled up some pictures from my phone to share, and I can’t believe how much has changed just over the past 6 months.  Let’s run through a few.  Jordan started taking his own pictures, yes he took this when we were “sleeping”.  I had no idea until I woke up and looked at my phone, what a photographer Mr. Handsome has become!

I spend a ton of time driving in my car, so I thought it only perfectly normal that I would post a picture of me driving in my pajamas and bare feet, because every once in a while this happens.

I looked through pictures of the summer, and loved this one of the littles.  The pure joy and thrill of running through spraying water on a hot sunny day!

Lots of four wheeling at the cabin happened this summer.  What a rush to let your kids drive you around! 

and can you believe that the lovely lady in the picture below, is my MOM?!  She is darling, and so funny that we were hiding in the boat while my dad pulled us up the hill from the lake by our cabin.  She looks about 26 years old here?!  Don’t you think?  She also just informed me that she bought her season snowboarding pass, again.  The woman is amazing!

And did I ever tell you about our surprise meet up with Handsome’s cousins through adoption?  Probably not, our summer was so busy!  While we were at the cabin this summer, our friends that brought Handsome into our lives, came to visit us.  It was so fun to see their boys play with Jordan, because their mothers are friends – both the birth mothers of our sons.


And my twins.. playing dress up!

And it must have been on a Monday when I go to our office, that I took a picture of Jon at his desk without him knowing it.  I just had to.  I couldn’t help it.

and moi with one of my nieces that may tack a bit after me…says my sister in law and brother.

She rubs her feet together at night like I do.  She loves to be tickled. She is pretty independent, and looks a bit like I did when I was young.

I must have taken this picture below, because Handsome is sleeping in my arms.

My darling Kinley is getting so grown up!  She will get her drivers license the end of next week!  Crazy how time flies!  I love this girl.  She is such a light in the life of everyone that knows her.  She just asked a boy to the girls choice dance, and in return he gave her flowers with a yes and no tag on each other them.  The directions were that the one with the most “yes’ or no’s” was her answer.  Of course he said yes, who wouldn’t?!

Didn’t she just star kindergarten?  

I swear she did.

My noo noo started cheering!  Can I call her that here in a public setting?  Of course I can!  I called her noo noo from day one.   Why you ask?  I have no idea.  She just is, and it’s not because that is the name of the vacuum on telli tubbies either.

It seems like Whitney is coming out of her shell.  She is laughing a lot, and finally leaving the grips of the fog, just as Brighton enters. That’s what we call it in our house between the ages of about 10-14.  Scary.


I hiked timp for the first (and second) time this fall, and loved every minute.  All but the minute when we sat down to eat our meal and heard wolves howling a hungry howl.  Some say it was Coyotes.  I say it sounded like wolves.  All I knew was there was NOBODY around, and I couldn’t run up the cliffs faster than they could, or outrun them down the mountain.  I even said a prayer. Ask Tiff, I most assuredly did!

I loved doing non-profit work with Barbara and her sister.  

I served as the “Parent Champion” for Help me grow

Was asked to be on the United Way board

Was asked to be on the Women in Philanthropy board

and most recently,

BOMA committee, (building owners and managers association)

I even found time to relax at my parents with nobody around, when times got tough.

and peak at the deer peeking at me.

My sister and I started a business


Modeled for fun!

Went for runs, and took pictures


annoyed my kids for fun.

Watched some spring school plays

and took the special needs “bruin buds club” to Thanksgiving Point.

Celebrated some birthdays *My Bella*

Broke some bones

Painted some pumpkins

and when we were tired, slept upside down in the car.

or on a boat


And when I needed to breathe, just a bit more – I took walks in the mountains.  A lot.

And this doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but look at these cute boots I just bought!  *horrible picture, I know*

And whats more fun than swinging in a hammock with those you love, sucking on a sucker?  

Nota Much!

But nothing

I’m telling you NOTHING compares to walking in on your son with his pants pulled down, laying on my couch – as he watches his pee spray high in an arc above his head.


Finding out that he decided to take a dump on his train set table, and roll it out with the rolling pin.