Today was loads of fun, soaking up lots of entrepreneurial spirit, ideas, and estrogen! The best part was that everyone wanted to know about our store, do they could SHOP!!

And now, because I am blogging with my phone, I don’t know if the pictures will be out of order.. But two nights ago, Brighton busted her arm in two places playing keeper! It was so unbelievably sad. She ran out to get the ball, and decided she needed to get back closer to the box so she quickly ran backwards, and fell back on her arms. She rocked back and forth, crying. I knew at that point, it was broken. She doesn’t cry in pain, ever. Her coach ran out and carried her off the field.

Don’t worry, she’s all fixed up but I see a long 6-8 weeks of complaining about not being able to sleep on her back. I haven’t heard any grumbling about her inability to take baths.

Love my Tom boy!

Oh, and give aways start tomorrow!!! Visit to sign up for our mailing list, and sweet Solstice on Facebook for free stuff! Also, post your lips for the iPad!!!! Only like 6 people entered so far!!!