I love watching General Conference.

There is nothing better than staying in your pj’s for church, snuggling with the kids in big comfy down blankets (when you aren’t telling them to stop eating the crayons), eating snacks, coloring, and being filled with the spirit.  (Can’t we do this every week?)

If you want to watch it with me, click here.

It’s also a great way to find out what us crazy Mormons believe, or in other more accurate terms “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” There has been a lot of publicity about my religion lately, for obvious reasons a.k.a. Mit Romnney.  I have met Mit’s wife, and if there is anyway to tell the true character of a man, it’s to talk to his wife 🙂  She is a fabulous, strong, real, lady.  I loved hearing her speak about her sickness that she has battled, and how Mit took care of her and the five boys.  It reminded me of Jon and I, when my health wasn’t as great the past few years. 

It is also the two year anniversary of the weekend little Handsome came into our lives.  It has been a wild ride, and one that will never be forgotten.  It seems as though Handsome had a really hard first year or so, the next year has been a lot more smooth sailing with normal two year old stuff.  The last few months, it’s as though he is going through the terrible 3’s.  All of my kids jumped on the terrible 3’s instead of 2’s – not sure why.  Good news, is that it’s normal. Bad news is that the way I dealt with all of my other kids was different.  If feel like I have to relearn parenthood for Jordan.

Of course, it is worth it and I love him.  He is so smart and loving.  He even apologizes after he poops on his floor (WHAT?!) and I make HIM pick it up with a tissue to flush it.

“Noooooooooooo Mommmmmmmmmm!!! I don’t want to pick it up!”

“Well than, you shouldn’t have pooped on your WHITE bedroom carpet.”

“But it’s GROSS to pick it up!!”

“No kidding, now do it before I rub your nose in it like a dog.”

“NNooooooooooo SIckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.”

“You are right, very sick honey.  Now do it.”


“Can I poop in your room too?”

“WHAT? Noooo”

“Next time I need to go, I will come squat here with you, ok?”

“Nooooo sickkkkkkk!”

Shaking he lowers his revolted hand, and squeezes the big turd and runs it to the toilet. Don’t think he’ll do that one again.

Who needs a dog when you have a Handsome?