Do you ever feel like each child you give birth to, part of you brain is passed with your placenta?

I do.

I used to be smart, or thought I was anyway.

The older I get, I realize it’ll never be the same.

I lose more thought the older I get.

and wonder if my synapses ever met?

I sit and type, feeling flustered and feeble

a poem is all that eeeks from these sloppy feeling fingles

So sorry if you don’t relate,

Maybe you’ve never given birth, or felt faint.

My kids they call mom

more than ever before,

I turn and turn and answer more

but they still keep coming, and my mind stutters as

I watch their itching faces

that need more of what have?

It is all quite funny, this state of mother

someday, I’ll report on being a brother.