Why is it possible to be in a room full of people, and a home full of loved ones, and still feel all alone?  It doesn’t really make sense to me, but sometimes that is how I feel.  The past few days, I have felt like we are all taking a journey, side by side – yet still …. ultimately….it is between ourselves, and our Heavenly Father.  Nobody quite understands our thoughts fully, however hard they might try, it’s just impossible.  Nobody feels exactly like we do, or processes things like we do. 

I found myself at the temple today, in a room full of loving people – yet still alone, other than my Heavenly Father.  Why does it take so much work to put down things that keep us busy, and focus on the only thing that matters? 

I return to my home, grateful for all my blessings – and a place to go and reflect in peace.  I feel a little more whole, after reflecting on my strengths, and weaknesses, on my goals, and my journey – alone, but together.  There is nothing more healing, than a prayer said in humility.