I have had a lot brewing in this mind of mine lately.

I have big goals, and big dreams… always.  I have been blogging for about three and a half years now, and I have felt a shift coming for a bit.  I will never give up Pink Moss, but I do feel like it will change over time.  Basically, I became bored of just talking about myself all the time – and was craving something new.  I will always share stories and thoughts here about my family, but it is nice to feel less pressure of posting every day. Even though I rarely, if ever did…it was always on my mind. 

Starting the “Solstice Sisters” blog has been a breath of fresh air, and I’ve had so much fun developing the website.  I have found a true love in design and working with photoshop with pictures, fonts, colors, and such.  I could even see myself doing it for a business, maybe designing wordpress blogs.  That would be more long term – if ever – I also love photography…. so we will see. But for now, I am so excited about starting a store that will be linked to the Solstice Sisters Site, wish I had more time to work on it.  Soon enough.  I do love knowing that my other blog is written on every day, by 7 different fun girls *one being yours truly of course*

  It’s all I can do to keep up with my kids this last week of summer right now.  Pretty soon, all of the kids will be in school! Can you believe it?  I remember saying this about two years ago, right before Handsome came to live with us.  Halle had just started preschool, and I had a few hours to myself in the morning.  I actually took a picture of myself on the hammock while reading a book, a few weeks before he came.  Ever since then, it has been a whirlwind through toddler hood – especially an adopted toddler.  He has been a full time job, to say the least. 

Handsome is doing REALLY WELL.  I am not kidding, he is the apple of my eye.  He is SO smart, and EVERYONE says so when they talk to him.  He NEVER shuts that darling little mouth of his.  Question after question after question. It never ends.  “mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom” I am not exagerating ONE. BIT.  Everyone groans when he doesn’t stop ever.  But all the question asking, has gained him a lot of knowledge.  This is a conversation we had today.

“Mom why don’t I have to wipe when I go pee?”

“Because you are a boy”

“So why do people wipe?”

“So they don’t stink”

“Oh so girls stink, and boys don’t stink?”

me laughing…out loud in the stall…

“No, boys have a penis, and girls … don’t.”

“OH….boys have a penis, and girls have a front bum.”

That’s where I decided to cut off this little teaching moment for today.  I didn’t want to teach anymore body parts today.  We walked back out to the soccer field with Halle, and he threw grass and did sommersaults down the hill as we watched Brighton stop the ball from going in the goal, time after time.  She did awesome!

I hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer!  I know we have been 🙂 We start the first of next week!  The first day of school is Kinley’s sweet 16 birthday.  I. can’t. believe. it. What happened to my baby?

time flies!