I feel like this is an online ribbon cutting ceremony!

After many, many hours of work (because I am completely incompetent at wordpress) I have finally finished our new blog!  There are still some dead links, that won’t make any sense until the blog gets going – but for now, in my book, it is perfect.  

Camille and I have talked about starting an online presence together for about a year now.  The details have changed over and over again, as we think about different ways to do it.  I really feel like this is the right formula for us, and there are so many more fun things to come, that I don’t want to announce quite yet.  

As I said before, there will be 7 different ladies posting each day of the week *always* Isn’t that fun?  you can always count on something new, an impossible occurrence on Pink Moss.  I am just too busy for that.  I see Pink Moss as carrying on, with my story telling and random thoughts – but view “The Solstice Sisters” as my creative outlet for design, decorating, tutorials, style ideas and more. 

So what are we waiting for??!! Check it out!  Please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and add us to your feed burner!  We will be using these entries for our give aways, and believe me, you don’t want to miss them!