Hi Folks!

I’ve been working on something.  Something BIG!

It’s taking up all of my “extra” time to write, but believe me – in the long run, you will happy that you haven’t heard much of me. 

Think –  Blog

Think –  Seven Amazing Ladies sharing tips, one each day of the week

Think –  Crafts, Beauty Tips, Travel, Decorating, and Story Time

Think about not having to hear me rambling on about nothing, whenever I decide to post.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE rambling, about nothing particular BUT add my new blog to my rambling, and I think we have a major win.  I can’t stay focused on any one subject for too long, but with the help of my friends to keep me on track…? Well, anything is possible.

I have been designing a WordPress blog…ugh…. for the past several endless days.  It has been lots of fun, and really frustrating – but I am happy with the results so far.  I really enjoy creating in photoshop, and online.  Whether it’s photos, stories, or web design.  Anyway – WE WILL BE STARGING no STARTING (got a little too excited there) on


Each lady will introduce herself, one day at a time.

My sister Camille (the one that came up with the idea) will be Monday

Yours Truly, is Tuesday

Wednesday is Melissa, my cousin

Thursday is Hannah, one of Camilles SUPER EXTREMELY funny friends from childhood, that I now claim as my own…

Friday is Meagan, another of Camille’s darling neighborhood friends, that I also call mine now.

Saturday is Bobbie, another of Camille’s childhood friends that you will LOVE

and Sunday, is Cassia – another of Camille’s friends that I have adopted. 

As you can see, I’ve been adopted into their circle.  I will explain more about how this all came about on the new blog, because for now I am neck deep in code, pictures, and links!  We will be having give aways the first several weeks, to get our readership going…so