I am completely convinced, that the new best hit T.V. show would be Mommy Vs Wild.

If I were dropped off in a jungle somewhere, I have no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have problems making it out alive, with the skills I have learned right here in my home.  I have become an expert tracker, able to hunt down any particular child, by the trail they leave through the house.

Door left open, soccer cleats and socks on the floor, grilled cheese sandwich remains at the George Foreman Grill? Brighton. I could even predict within a short window of time exactly when that animal’s tracks were made.

Suit case packed with trucks by the front door, half of an apple core on by the TV, and stuffed animals by books about dinosaurs?  Jordan, for sure.

I also have no doubt that I could rummage and find sustenance.  It is pretty amazing what we throw together around here to eat, with no apparent food in the kitchen.  Only ketchup in the fridge, and oatmeal in the cupboard?  Not a problem.

Mommy VS Wild, has it covered.