*Get a load of this email I received, via linked in*


I noticed your profile and you sparked an interest in me. If you have a
chance, look at my profile and let me know if you would like to continue

I am here online to look for my true love, a woman that has a big
heart, ready for a serious and honest long term relationship, a woman that
believes in a one man-one woman kind of relationship, a woman that has
true moral, cultural and family values. I saw your profile and it caught
my attention, and I’d like to know more about you.

Please send me your email address and phone number so I can add you to
my messenger for better communication, and let me know the best time I
can meet you online for a chat. You can reach me directly on my email at ……. (I’ll leave it anonymous)

Hope to hear from you soon.

 REALLY dude?  You are
going to proposition me after seeing my many children and husband  on my
profile, and explain that you are interested in me because you want a
“moral long term relationship”?  I am still laughing.  Good luck finding
that kind of woman that would respond to this email.

Truly entertaining.