After we went to the Alpine Slide, we visited the candy store in Jackson Hole – which is an important tradition to the kids (and myself)

Everyone grabbed a bag to fill, and started circling the old fashioned can’t store to find their favorite candies. Bubble gum, gummy bears, pixie stix, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, taffy, jelly bellies…the list goes on, but not for Handsome. All he wanted was a Handy Manny “tool box”. It was a lunch box, but not to Jordan.

“I wanna lunch box mama”

“Jordan, if you get a lunch box, you can’t have candy. You have to pick.”


And it was decided, a tool box it was. He has been carrying it around the cabin ever since, fixing things for Grandpa, because Grandpa filled it with tools he didn’t need anymore. I figure it’s a kind of insurance, making sure Handsome knows how to fix things around the house.

And it reminded me of my conversation with Handsome a few weeks ago.

“Jordan, when I’m old will you take care of me?”

“yes mama”

“oh good!!! Thank you”

As he’s walking away…

“But mama, you already are old…”