I know I talk about this every year on the fourth of July, and I will again.

Alpine Wyoming has the best parade in the world. We watch the hot dog eating contest at the cabin from 1:00 to 1:55, (well, everyone else does. I start dey heaving about 15 minutes in, and have to leave), drive down to the parade, set up chairs, and wait a few minutes until the parade starts.

No crowds of people, no saving seats for hours before hand, in fact I’m quite sure that half the town IS in the parade. The people in their hand made floats, throw the candy straight to your kids, (because they are the only ones) and if the happen to run out to grab the candy, the whole procession stops for them.

It’s refreshing to see floats made out of things found in the town, such as tractors, old cars, or four wheelers. And the best part, is that the whole thing lasts about 15 minutes! Bingo! I’ll never attend another parade again, unless I have to.