It was a very hot day in Jackson Hole, and a last minute decision to take all the kids on the Alpine slide, at Snow King resort.

The first run down, Bug sat in my lap and enjoyed every minute, as the wind rushed through our hair and we counted wild flowers on the way up the ski lift.

All the kids loved the adventure, and so did I – until we took our second run and Bug leaned to touch the side of the cement when she was with Jon. I was riding with Handsome, and I glanced over just in time to see her rip up her tiny hand. It was so scary to watch, but Jon kept her safe as they slid down the track, half on the sled, until he could get them back upright.

I guess adventure comes with bumps and bruises, unfortunately. Don’t worry, I bandaged her all up, and Jon only torn his skin in the same place he did last time he crashed, when we were dating. Although, that time was from racing his friend, not a curious little girl)